Customized and Scheduled Training

No matter how good of human resources you have at your hand, we can all agree that there’s always a room for improvement. At Kinetic Solutions, we can tailor training programs depending upon the needs of your business. We can also access your employees and recommend any development intervention that would be necessary to strengthen skills or professional capacities at the individual or departmental level. Apart from that, we have Public Learning Programs from time to time and you can take advantage of these training to support your team’s skill set.

Why KSL Customized Learning Experiences?

In-depth need analysis prior to a learning intervention. Our approach suggests a shift from training to the partnership. We engage our clients from day one and jointly develop the program design and delivery strategies. We also work with our clients to assess the benefits through our post-learning reinforcement process.
A flexible approach towards program design, format, duration, schedules, content and learning methodology. Our team of facilitators is always ready to challenge, broaden and expand the thinking & understanding of your key people

Our Training Programs

We have a pool of experienced trainers to offer training programs in the following areas:
a. Strategy

b. Entrepreneur and start-ups

c. Sales & Marketing

d. Customer Service

e. Executive Coaching

f. Leadership Development

g. Management

h. Soft Skills

i. Supply Chain

j. Human Resources

k. Financial Management

l. Internal Audit

m. Risk and Compliance

n. Monitoring and Evaluation

o. Gender p. Governance

Our training programs are designed to cater the needs of the following industries:
a. Telecommunication

b. Hospitality

c. Banking

d. Healthcare

e. Education

f. NGOs / NPOs

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Kinetic Solutions Pvt Limited office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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